Have you found the right batteries for your device?

14 April 2021
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When you think about providing power for your company, you probably consider your electrical supply and how many power points you have dotted around your premises. While much of your company work will be dependent on the electrical system, there will still be many tasks that need to take place somewhere that the electricity does not supply. Perhaps your team will be working on a building site or travelling on the road? Read More 

Can You Tell When Your Grease Filter Needs Cleaning? 3 Signs to Look Out For

11 January 2021
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The grease trap is one of the vital components of the commercial kitchen. Since a commercial kitchen produces food in large volumes, it also makes a lot of waste food containing grease in the process. If the oil were to flow down the drainage system, it would lead to clogs and blockages that would create a health hazard in your kitchen. Many people forget to clean their grease traps, and if the trap goes out of commission, you might be forced to shut down your commercial kitchen for a while. Read More 

Your Options When It Comes to Types of Lawn

29 October 2020
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When you look into your garden, what do you see? If there's an absence of luscious green grass, now's the time to start treating it with a bit more care. Before you plunge your efforts into weeding and watering, though, you need to consider the different types of lawns and what they can bring to your property's exterior. Hardy Buffalo grass When you want an easy life, you can't go wrong with buffalo grass. Read More 

3 Steps for Successfully Sourcing for Masonry Bricks for Residential Construction

28 August 2020
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Brick is one of the most popular building materials in Australia due to its energy efficiency, durability and ability to withstand fire, termites and harsh weather conditions. It is widely used in the construction of exterior walls, cladding, flooring, partition walls and architectural features. If you're sourcing for this material for your project, it's vital to note that the process is quite complicated. Beyond knowing the required material quantity, you also need to get quality bricks as well. Read More 

Four Essential Tips for Planning for Corporate Document Destruction

18 June 2020
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Document destruction is an important aspect of information management in the corporate scene. In simple terms, if you have a business which handles confidential data, it is your responsibility to ensure that the materials are protected through their lifespan. This lifespan includes the period after obligatory retention is complete. Irresponsible handling of the old materials such as throwing documents into a bin directly can lead to exposure of private information about your business and your clients. Read More